Toothwerks, Inc.
1020 Brown Street
Washington, North Carolina 27889
(252) 974-0385

At Toothwerks We Take Pride In Our Work.

We work hard to meet and/or exceed our dentists’ expectations on every case.
There are no short cuts at Toothwerks - we use only the highest quality materials along with the latest in dental technologies. All of our products are made in-house at our lab which allows us to guarantee the quality of each and every delivered service or product.

At Toothwerks we don‘t see problems, only challenges;
and it’s the challenges that make us better.

Full Gold Crowns
Implant Restorations
PFM to High Noble
PFM to Noble (Semi-Precious)
PFM to Non Precious
Porcelain Veneers
Provisional Restorations
Zirconia Crowns
Anti-Snoring Devices

Bruxism Appliances
Full Dentures
Over Dentures
Partial Dentures
Partial Frames
Solid Full Contour Zirconia
Custom Abutments
Flexible Partials


We Can Accept All Intraoral Scan Files
Call (252) 974-0385 For More Information


We're an AmericaSmiles Network Member Lab.
Our Restorations are Fully ACDLA Certified FDA Compliant and Warranted.


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